Friday, July 12, 2013

How to Navigate Transition

Transition is a necessary part of moving forward in the purposes of God for your life. You must transition from the comfortable and familiar to the unfamiliar. In the beginning you began to imagine that life could be different. Now you begin to see it changing. How do you handle it?

Accept the mess. It’s just a fact of life. Times of transition are messy. Have you ever had your kitchen remodeled or even simply painted a room? Everything has to be moved out of order to make room for the new. We have to accept the temporary mess in order to enjoy the finished result.  The worst part is you may have to make the mess yourself in order to accomplish the transition! Don’t avoid disorder. It is a necessary part of creating a new order.

Keep your eyes on the goal. As you accept the mess as part of the process, it becomes easier to focus on the goal rather than the disorientation of disorganization. As you accept the discomfort of the disorder it becomes easier to envision the time when order is restored and you can appreciate the magnificent change that has happened in your life. Envision that new order as you journey through the transition. This is what you have worked toward. You are almost there!

Grace is available. One of the wisest statements I have ever heard was this, “God doesn't give us the grace to anticipate. He gives us the grace to go through it.” There is no grace for worry. Worry about the expected mess of transition might prevent you from moving forward in the purpose that you were created for. Do you really want to miss it?! Once you accept the mess and look toward the goal you will find that grace is available in abundance to walk the path of transition. The grace of God doesn't necessarily make the time of transition easier, but it makes the transition bearable so that the discomfort doesn't distract you from the desired end. Doesn't that make it worth the stress?

Hang in there, Friend! You are going to make it! Transition means you have almost arrived at what was once a dream. Don't give up now!

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