Thursday, June 20, 2013

Are YOU willing?

When the opportunity you've been hoping for arrives will you be ready and recognize it? "The secret to knowing the will of God is being willing to do whatever He says." I remember reading that years ago and it has stuck with me ever since. 

Sometimes life leads us down unexpected paths. We have been getting ourselves ready for new adventures, but if we aren't ready to accept that adventure in an unexpected package we may miss it. 

The truth is sometimes to accept that unexpected package we have to let go of something familiar and treasured. Learning to hold all things loosely is a necessary skill, but not an easy one. 

Today is one of those letting-go-in-order-to-receive days for me. I know that what lies ahead is exciting, glorious, even hoped for. But it means leaving behind people and a place that I have learned to love.

 I always knew my time there would be temporary, but temporary can mean years and years invested mean it can become difficult to leave.  Honestly, I wasn't willing to leave until I remembered that in order to really know what God is saying I have to be willing to do whatever He says. 

The most encouraging words I've heard in the past few letting-go days also came from an unexpected source. "God calls and you have to say 'yes'." That truly sums it up best. 

So, off I go outside my comfortable "box". Want to come along?

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